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We have finally opened the registration for the conference. The conference fee offers a student discount but is raised once the conference draws nearer (no student discount applicable on late fee and on-the-spot-fee). The fee covers all culinary needs during the conference (opening reception, coffee breaks and lunch) apart from dinner, for which each participant is responsible him-/herself. The deadline for the registration is the 31st of August 2010:




Participant                                                                  90 Euro




Student Participant (proof of status necessary)         60 Euro




Late fee (01.09.2010 to 29.09.2010)                            100 Euro




On the spot fee (30.09.2010 to 03.10.2010)                130 Euro




In addition to the conference fee there will be membership dues of the GFF, which will be valid once the association has been founded at the conference. It will therefore be necessary for all members to accept the bylaws via their signature at the general assembly. The membership dues will then be validated by the general assembly and will then be for 12 months of 2011, an additional amount of one fourth the amount will also be due for the remaining months of 2010. Membership will include the delivery of "Zeitschrift für Fantastikforschung" to be published twice a year. Our proposal for membership dues is tiered according to the members status: regular – 45 Euro, reduced (student, unemployed) – 30 Euro or for a institution – 60 Euro. Commentary or criticism of this proposal can be send via email or contact form, so that we can put it up for discussion.




For registration to the conference we have uploaded a PDF and a DOC. Please print this registration form and send it to us either as hardcopy (address below) or electronically to lars.schmeink(at) Your payment can be made either via wire transfer, via cheque (please include 5,- EU processing fee) or via PayPal to the following account:




Wire Transfer:


Recipient: Lars Schmeink


Account #: 0002267888


German Bank Code: 20690500


Bank: Sparda-Bank, Hamburg


IBAN: DE88 2069 0500 0002 2678 88






Registration form / cheque:


Universität Hamburg / IAA


GFF, z.Hd. Lars Schmeink


Von Melle Park 6


20146 Hamburg